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Unmovable Women

What does it mean to be “unmovable”?  This idea calls to mind a massive boulder entrenched in the rocky shoreline of a coast.  Storms assail; water rushes around it, under it, and sometimes even over it.  Yet it does not move. Don’t we often find ourselves in the same circumstances?  The storms of life assail…

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Stress Makes Us Think

A few years ago a brother shared with me a condition he had with his eyes. Stress, especially anger, triggered a reaction in this rare ailment that caused him to lose some of his vision temporarily. The doctors told him that unless he learned to control his temper he would lose his sight. He took…

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God Chastens Us

In Hebrews 12 the writer clearly teaches us that God chastens us.  Let’s look closely at verses 5-11.  What does chastening really mean?  The word “chasten” means to discipline, train and instruct.  It also can mean punish and scourge.  The idea here is teaching us and correcting us. Why does God do this chastening?  As…

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