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Wrong Ideas About Temptation

“Other Christians I know don’t seem to struggle with temptation like I do. I have thoughts and feelings sometimes that scare me, but other members seem so confident.” Other Christians, even the strongest ones, battle temptation. Even the apostle Paul said that he had to keep his body in subjection (I Cor. 9:27). Others may not…

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The Devil at Work

There are temptations in many occupations today. Married men and women sometimes spend more time talking to someone of the opposite sex than they do their own spouse. The devil is hard at work in these situations, leaving the impression in the mind of a disgruntled husband, “That lady at work is really nice to…

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Dangers Without and Within

It is easy to see some things coming that can hurt or even kill us. We are usually able to protect ourselves from lightning and tornadoes because we can see the danger signs. We have seen the damage these forces can cause and we can prepare as the threat of them approaches. It is easy…

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