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Complaining in our Tents

A recent study in Deuteronomy has caused me to consider what a murmuring lot the Israelites were. But then, as it should, the Word has convicted me as I have applied it to my own life. While at first I was amazed at God’s long-suffering and love for His people in the long ago, now…

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“Steward” is not a word you hear people use often in the world.  But in the church we know it well.  Or do we?  We may know it means “manager of a household.”  But do we understand the depths that stewardship reaches? The depth of stewardship is so great because it begins with the lord…

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Fishing- Not Catching

I have not been fishing more than a half dozen times in my life, so I am surely not a world champion fisherman. I do have a lot of friends who fish a lot and I have talked with them considerably about fishing and have learned several things. It is wonderful to enjoy the fruit…

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