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Snowflakes in the Desert

Snow falls when conditions are just right. One of these is low pressure in the air. Another is cold temperature. Moisture combines with these conditions to give us some of the most beautiful scenery in all of God’s creation. It is frustrating to see that the word “snowflake” has come to mean something ugly. Now…

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What Causes Apostasy?

Apostasy is defined by the New American Webster Dictionary as “total desertion of one’s professed principles, faith, or party.” So the question is: what causes apostasy? Specifically, what causes an individual to desert his faith or more specifically “the Faith”? In life how does one desert a marriage after years of sharing the joy, troubles, the blessings…

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Design or Opinion

God’s original plan for the family consisted of one man and one woman united in marriage until death.  The Bible reveals that God is not only the Creator of mankind, but also of the institution of marriage.  The God approved, natural desire between men and women united in marriage appears both in the Old and New…

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