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Less is More

This catchy saying used in different lines of work applies in the spiritual realm as well. Words. Since the tongue is the source of so many of our troubles, it makes sense to limit its use. In general the less we say the less trouble we cause and the more good we accomplish. “He that hath…

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Women’s Rule

For quite some time the trend of some wives has been to show disdain for their husbands in a vocal manner. It is regrettable that this is done at all, but is especially so when done in public. Wives often treat their husbands as one of their children and reprove them openly. They fail to…

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The Devil at Work

There are temptations in many occupations today. Married men and women sometimes spend more time talking to someone of the opposite sex than they do their own spouse. The devil is hard at work in these situations, leaving the impression in the mind of a disgruntled husband, “That lady at work is really nice to…

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