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Generation D

Where do people get the idea that life owes them? How can they think God will give them anything they want? I’m not just talking about children and teenagers. Plenty of middle-aged and even some retired persons have this attitude. Maybe their parents spoiled them. Perhaps they have watched too many movies with a fairy…

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Snowflakes in the Desert

Snow falls when conditions are just right. One of these is low pressure in the air. Another is cold temperature. Moisture combines with these conditions to give us some of the most beautiful scenery in all of God’s creation. It is frustrating to see that the word “snowflake” has come to mean something ugly. Now…

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Working with Young People

When one examines the current trends among our youth and reads the latest newspaper, it is easy to see that our nation is in perilous times. Our nation adopted a policy in the 1960s to throw money at the social problems being faced by the poor. This philosophy spilled over into programs which affect our…

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