The TBC Team

David Hill

David Hill has served as President of Tennessee Bible College since 2010. The son of the late founding President of TBC, Malcolm Hill, David grew up hearing the preaching of Gus Nichols, B.C. Goodpasture, Thomas Warren and others as well as listening to such preachers as they visited in his home. He has done mission tours in Zambia, Russia, and Trinidad and has done extensive research on the history and progress of congregations in the Northeastern United States. In addition to his administrative and teaching responsibilities at Tennessee Bible College, David serves as an elder and preacher at the Northeast church of Christ in Cookeville, TN. David attended David Lipscomb University and graduated from Tennessee Tech with a B.S. in Business and then attended Tennessee Bible College where he graduated with the M.S. degree in Christian Doctrine and Apologetics. David and his wife Lisa live in Cookeville, TN and have two children.


Kerry Duke

Kerry Duke began as a night student at Tennessee Bible College in 1981. The next year he was blessed to attend full-time, and in the ten years that followed he was able to complete the B. A., M.A., and Ph. D. degrees.  He has been on mission trips to the Caribbean, Russia, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Zambia. He is the author of The Remarriage of a Divorced Couple (now revised and supplemented with other articles on divorce and remarriage in the book “Essays on Divorce and Remarriage”), Ox in the Ditch, God at a Distance, and Debate Charts on Roman Catholicism. He is also the editor of My Sister’s Keeper. He teaches and writes on a variety of topics, although his favorite subject is Bible interpretation. He began teaching part-time at Tennessee Bible College in 1989 and has been a full-time faculty member since 1992. He currently serves as Vice-President of Academic Affairs. Kerry is the preacher at the West End Church of Christ in Livingston, Tennessee where he has labored for the last nineteen years. Kerry and his wife LeAnn have four children and seven grandchildren.


Glenn Ramsey

Glenn Ramsey was born in Putnam County, TN in 1942. He was baptized when he was 12 and began preaching by appointment at the age of 13. After attending Freede-Hardeman University he graduated from Tennessee Tech with the B.S. and M.A. degrees, and  continues to preach the gospel every Sunday. In 1975 Glenn debated H.C. Vanderpool on the subject of baptism and salvation. He also debated L.A. Stauffer on the subject of church cooperation. Glenn served as Vice-President of Tennessee Bible College for 20 years and currently teaches online and on campus courses on a variety of subjects. He and his wife Judy live in Cookeville, Tennessee and have two children and five grandchildren.


Paul Wilmoth

Paul Wilmoth has been preaching the gospel since 1962.  His father, Perry Wilmoth, was a very active preacher for over forty years until his death in 1983. Paul has served as assistant preacher at the Northeast Church of Christ in Cookeville, Tennessee since 1983. He has always been a strong supporter of Tennessee Bible College. He graduated from TBC with the B.R.E. degree in 2011 and teaches classes on campus and online. Paul’s weekly articles in the Northeast bulletin are enjoyed by many readers across the country. Paul and his wife Shirley live in Sparta, Tennessee and enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren.


Weylan Deaver

Weylan Deaver was born in Fort Worth, Texas, but spent some of his childhood years in Cookeville, TN, where his father and grandfather taught at Tennessee Bible College. He is a graduate of the Southwest School of Bible Studies, Freed-Hardeman University (B.A.), and the Bear Valley Bible Institute (M.B.S). He preaches fulltime in north Texas and helps in the online undergraduate program of Tennessee Bible College. He and his wife have four children.


Jason Gann

Jason Gann, from McMinnville, TN, was taught from the youngest of ages to love the Lord and His church by his parents, Charles and Shirley Gann.  At the age of 10, he became a Christian, a member of the church of Christ, on February 3, 1992, a day that he considers the greatest day of his life.  He began preaching at about the age of 12 and began serving as a Bible class teacher while still in high school.  He graduated with an Honors Diploma from Warren County High School in 1999.  He received a Diploma of Preaching from Tennessee Bible College in 2002; a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education with a major in Secondary Education and an Emphasis in History from Tennessee Technological University in 2004; a Bachelor of Arts Degree in the Bible from Tennessee Bible College in 2005; a Master of Arts Degree in Instructional Leadership/Administration and Supervision in 2007; and a Specialist in Education Degree in Instructional Leadership/Administration and Supervision in 2017.  He holds a Professional Teaching License and a School Administrator’s license.  He began teaching school in 2005, where he taught four years in a private Christian school, and there he taught seventh through twelfth grades.  He currently teaches in the public school system, where he has taught since 2009, teaching Eighth Grade American History and Geography and Seventh Grade World History and Geography.  He is also an instructor at Tennessee Bible College, where he has taught since 2009.  He preached by appointment from 1994 until 2005.  In 2005, he began preaching full-time.  He currently preaches for the Campaign church of Christ in Campaign, TN.   He also enjoys speaking in Gospel Meetings, Lectureships, Vacation Bible Schools, and other events.  He is married to Brandi Gann, a Ladies Day speaker and a writer of Christian Blog articles for ladies. They have one son and four daughters, whom they are working to raise in the Nurture and Admonition of the Lord.