It Occurred To Me. . .

. . . That I have never heard a sermon that could not be improved by greater effort and practice! (I’ve read some — from the Bible!)

. . . That I’ve never heard a song leader that could not profit from a continued study of his work and a better use of his ability.

. . . That I’ve never seen a father that could not be a better leader of his children and a more understanding husband to his wife.

. . . That I’ve never seen a woman that could not improve her appearance by putting on that (or at least more of that) which becometh women professing godliness — good works.

. . . That I’ve never seen an eldership that was perfect and that could not improve with greater vision and more faithful discipline of the flock. . .


. . . That all of us are so imperfect and incomplete that the major purpose of our energies should be directed toward self-improvement, both before God and before men.

. . . That the Bible gives continued timely suggestions to each of us so that our lives may be constantly improved.

. . . That we each have a real responsibility to search the pages of the Bible and follow its directions.

. . . That to “fear God and keep his commandments” is a duty that will keep us out of trouble, and keep us in the favor of our Lord and all men who love righteousness!

. . . Have any of these ideas ever occurred to you?

-Glenn B. Ramsey

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