“What Would Jesus Do?”

In the 1990s, in the United States, I remember first seeing bracelets which people wore that said, “WWJD?”  These bracelets were very popular.  Many had them, especially among teenagers and other youth.  I remember having one of these bracelets too as both girls and boys wore them.  The bracelet was an expedient to help those who wore them to remember to ask “What Would Jesus Do?”

When we have decisions to make and actions to take, should this not be the foremost question in our mind?  I believe it should be the foremost question in our mind.  We ought to be asking ourselves, “What would Jesus do in this situation?”  He is our Ultimate Example.  Christ lived this life, and He committed no sin.  It is not that He was not tempted, because He was.  Hebrews 4:15 says about Christ, “For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.”  He was tempted in the three different categories of temptation, which are:  the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, but He did not enter into any of these temptations (I John 2:16).  He overcame them in other words.   Jesus, my friends, has shown us the way.  He has shown us the way to live, so we ought to ask ourselves, “What Would Jesus Do?”  I Peter 2:21 says, that we are called to walk in the footsteps of Christ, Who suffered for us and left us an Example, that we should follow in His steps.

Before we take an action, ask what would Jesus do?  For example, before you are tempted to cheat on a test, ask “What would Jesus do?”  He would not cheat and neither should we.  When you see someone who is on the sick list, how would Jesus respond to that person?  He would visit them.  When you hear of someone who is in need of comfort due to a death in the family, how would Jesus respond to that person?    He would comfort them.  Remember there are sins of commission (things we do that we should not do),  and there are sins of omission (things that we should do that we do not do).  Acts 10:38 says that Christ “went about doing good” and so should we.

Before we say a word, ask what would Jesus do?  When you are tempted to say mean things to someone who has said mean things to you, ask what would Jesus do?  He would do good to them.  Before we refuse to speak up in defense of God’s Word, ask what would Jesus do?  He was always ready to do God’s business, which includes defending Him and His Word (Luke 2:49, Jude 3).

Before we think a thought, ask what would Jesus do?  Would He think that thought?  We must have the mind of Christ (Philippians 2:5).  Remember that sin begins in the heart through evil thoughts.  Let us think as Jesus thought.

While we do not see many “WWJD?” bracelets being worn anymore, let us remember that this question should still be ever before us.  Before we do anything, say anything, and think anything, we should ask, “What Would Jesus Do?”

-Jason Gann, TBC Online Instructor

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