Three Reasons Why People Kill

Why are we seeing so many senseless killings? While the final answer is that people choose to do evil, there are some things that contribute to this growing danger:


  1. Moral relativism. “Do what you feel is right.” “No one has the right to judge someone else.” “Every person should decide for himself what is right or wrong.” Isn’t this what murderers do? If there are no absolute rules about morals, then what is wrong with killing innocent people? If we leave out the absolute law of the unchangeable God, then anything goes. Every man becomes a law to himself and society will be as dangerous as it was in Israel when “every man did that which was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25).


  1.  Evolution. Atheistic evolution says there is no God. It teaches that man is an animal without a soul. It scoffs at the idea of heaven and hell. Is it any wonder that children who have been taught this grow up confused about right and wrong? Is it a shock that people behave like animals when they’ve been told that is what they are? When people take this idea seriously or even slightly entertain it as a possibility they will behave differently. Not every atheist is a murderer. But no atheist has one real moral reason for being otherwise. Paul showed what happens when people turn away from God in Romans 1:18-32. Read this passage and ask yourself if this is not what we see happening before our eyes in America.


  1. Islamic jihad. “Allahu Akbar.” How many more times will politicians and media personalities have to hear these words before they admit the truth about Islam? “Islam” means submission. The goal of this movement is to conquer the world and bring all nations under the rule of Sharia. Muslims use indoctrination, immigration, and force to create an Islamic culture wherever they can. “Fight those who believe not in Allah” (Koran, 9:29) is not “radical Islam.” It is Islamic teaching pure and simple. Muslims believe that people who reject Muhammed are not fit to live. John Quincy Adams said, as long as this religion exists “there will never be peace on earth and good will towards men.” It is high time for Americans to stop being politically correct and use some common sense about this.


In a word, we live in a dangerous world because people have forgotten God. Don’t be surprised at what people do. The Israelites in the Old Testament left God to the extent that they began to offer their children as human sacrifices (Jer. 7:32). To put recent killings in perspective, remember that Americans have slaughtered almost 60 million innocent, defenseless children since 1973. Yes, our problem is that we have departed from God, and the only hope is to return to the fear of the Lord.

-Kerry Duke

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