Sanctuary Cities

The First Sanctuary City

The year 622 marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar for the current age. That was the year Muhammed fled to Medina after being rejected in Mecca. Muslims call this the hijrah or flight. About 150 followers migrated with him. There he quickly gained military and religious power and began to raid and murder all who dared to defy him. Soon the movement grew into thousands and today it numbers over one billion. Every Muslim is expected to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once to commemorate the night the father of their religion escaped from those who were trying to kill him.Thousands of Muslims today are making their flight to America from war-torn countries in the Middle East. Some of them, especially children, are seeking shelter from the horrors of bloodshed. But many of them have a deeper, darker reason for being here.

Many Americans are naive as to what Islam is and how it operates. This movement has followed the same script since that fateful night 1,400 years ago. The goal of this religion is to conquer infidel nations and make them submit to Allah. The word Islam itself means submission. But the way they seize control is not by overpowering their enemies with a superior army. Instead, their method is to migrate into a non Muslim country on the pretense of being peaceful people who just have a different religion. Once inside, they are extremely persistent at blending in and changing the culture. They spread misinformation to convince people to respect their religion.

The fact is that it is a form of government more than it is a religion. The religious aspect is a veil that hides the true face of Islam just as the veil of a Muslim woman conceals her countenance. When the Islamic population of the targeted land reaches a certain level, which is usually about twenty percent, Muslims really show their true colors. Just as Muhammed passed himself off as a religious leader until he gained control and then began to attack everyone who disagreed with him, Muslims today move into a country and seem gentle until they have enough numbers to undermine the laws and kill the opposition. A man from India told me, “My people have seen how Muslims work for fourteen hundred years. When they are in the minority they talk about peace, but when they are in the majority they will crush you.”

Nations have the right to defend their borders and regulate immigration. The Bible teaches that law and order is authorized by God (Rom. 13:1-7). Yes, a civilized nation is a compassionate people. But that is no reason to turn a blind eye to a violent movement that uses freedom of religion and misguided public sentiment to destroy our civilization.

It is true that there were cities of refuge in the Old Testament. But these were places of protection for people who had killed someone unintentionally (Deut. 19:1-7). They certainly were not safe houses for murderers or potential training camps for foreign armies pretending to build houses of worship. It is also true that there were foreigners who dwelled in Israel, but God expected them to obey the law the same as Jews (Exod. 12:48-49; Lev. 16:29). We should also remember that Godʼs people built a wall around Jerusalem.

Even the facts of our generation speak for themselves. What is happening in European countries that have loose immigration policies? Young Muslim men are raping women and beheading infidels. On the other hand, consider what a former police officer in Singapore who is also a Christian told me years ago. Since Malaysia is a Muslim country that borders them, how do they stop people from illegally entering their country? “We cane them,” he replied. “It’s very effective.” And yet we have people who are squeamish about deporting illegals and building a wall.

Kerry Duke

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